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Rhinoentertainment.com Website Review & Ratings + Rhino Entertainment Coupons

Rhino Entertainment is a specialty record label and production company owned by Warner Music Group. Their history dates back to the early 1970’s and they now specialize in anthologies, compilations, and reissues. Releases include boxed sets of 70s and 80s artists and they also sell DVDs and videos of documentaries, classic television shows and concert films. The Rhino Handmade division sells limited editions of hard-to-find rarities and lost recordings that are generally limited to no more than 3,000 copies. These span a wide range of genres from spoken word to folk, jazz and rock. These are products you will not get anywhere else. The other main division sells many compilations that are advertised on TVs. Most of the songs can be sampled online on their website and the sound quality is excellent.

Rhino Entertainment: What makes it different?

Rhino Entertainment has some rare compilations that are just not obtainable anywhere else. Their remastering is superb and all the tracks I’ve listened to have been crisp and clear. Rhino also owns the rights to The Monkees master tapes and film footage and their Handmade deluxe edition of The Monkees “Head” includes 20 previously unreleased tracks, outtakes, rarities and live performances. This is music for collectors, unlike most record labels that cater to the popular masses. In addition to their archive material, they also manage the US distribution and sometimes the worldwide production of compilations for more recent Warner acts, including artists such as Chicago, Enya and New Order, that are still active.

Best Available Rhino Entertainment Coupon:
Rhino Entertainment vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Rhino Entertainment)

There are other companies that specialize in reissuing recordings. Major competitors to Rhino Entertainment are Hip-O Select and Legacy Recordings.

Hip-O Select is part of Universal Music Group and reissues many albums and remastered classics from their huge back catalogue. The name is a play on the word “hip” and was deliberately set up in the same niche as Rhino. The layout of the website does not encourage users to browse around like the Rhino website does, and there are no samples of songs to listen to. Unlike Rhino Handmades limited releases, Hip-O Select has their entire catalogue available to buy through iTunes.

Legacy Recordings belongs to Sony Music Entertainment. It was founded in 1990 to handle reissues of recordings. Their website claims they produce and maintain the world's foremost catalog of historic reissues, an unparalleled compendium of thousands of digitally remastered archival titles representing virtually every musical genre including popular, rock, jazz, blues, R&B, folk, country, gospel, Broadway musicals, movie soundtracks, ethnic, world music, classical, comedy and more.” There are some samples of tracks available but you must create an account and login before you can listen, which makes it less user-friendly that Rhino Entertainment.

Rhino Entertainment: Pricing & packages

The pricing of Rhino Entertainment products is quite varied depending on the artist, the rarity, how much remastering they had to do, and the quality of the extras in their box sets. They have free shipping on orders over $50. Below are some prices for offerings on their website as at July 2011.

  • Chicago, Live In 75, 2 CDs with fold-out poster and lavish book packed with colour photos $39.98
  • Tim Buckley (Deluxe Edition) features nearly 2 dozen unreleased tracks on 2 CD's, 46 tracks re-mastered by original engineer Bruce Botnick  and weathered cardboard folio with rare photos $39.98
  • The Monkees, Head (Deluxe Edition) has 58 tracks on 3 CDs, 20 previously unreleased tracks, outtakes, rarities and live performances, features a rare live set from the Valley Music Hall in Salt Lake City and a rare radio 1968 interview with Davy Jones. Free bonus 7” of “Porpoise Song/As We Go Along”. $59.98
  • Genesis, 1970-1975 vinyl box, has 50 tracks on 6 vinyl discs (yes real old-fashioned records), $149.98

In general prices at Hip-O Select and Legacy Recordings are around $19 for a single CD, and $29.98 to $39.98 for double CDs. Examples are:

  • Joan Armatrading, Steppin Out, CD edition of Joans only live album, limited to 5000 copies
  • Diana Ross, Touch Me In The Morning, 2 CDs limited to 7000 copies $29.98

Rhino Records are not the cheapest but are affordable for most people. They have items you will not be able to get anywhere else and their limited editions are more exclusive than other labels.


Rhino Entertainment: Product images & screenshots
Rhino Entertainment Coupons
Rhino Entertainment: Customer reviews & comments

There are no customer reviews to be found on Rhino Entertainment as a whole, but there are hundreds of individual reviews of their CDs, records and box sets on music sites across the internet. One thing mentioned over and over is the quality of their products and the rarity of many of their releases. Below are some review snippets:

  • “Rhino has done their usual superlative work on restoring these 60+ year old recordings for a definitive CD release of the soundtrack from the M-g-M picture GOOD NEWS.” - Mark Andrew Lawrence
  • “Rhino Handmade lovingly fills a gaping, legendary hole in Cher's discography.” – Paul Lorentz
  • “...  we could go on for several more paragraphs praising the stuff that Rhino has unearthed for the fans … another clear-cut win for Rhino Handmade ...” - Will Harris
  • “This is a box set fully in the grand tradition of Rhino’s history, and most definitely for the hardcore collector. It’s the kind of box I cherish most, a set that’s not designed for casual listening but rather for full immersion in the music, with copious liner notes as your guide.” – Joe Marchese
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