Zzounds.com Website Review & Ratings + zZounds Coupons
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Zzounds.com Website Review & Ratings + zZounds Coupons

zZounds Review & zZounds.com Store & Pricing Overview

zZounds is a leading industry online retailer offering a variety of musical instruments and accessories. The online store instantly connects musicians and music producers with a wide selection of highly favored brands like Fender, Gibson and Roland. The diversity of their arrangement caters to the needs of both seasoned and beginner musicians aspiring to enhance the value of their performance.

At zZounds buyers are presented with a user friendly site that permits them to isolate their search and begin exploring featured items. The zZounds team has categories such as Dj, Recording, and Keyboard to help consumers to stay in control of their investigative efforts. Guitar starter packages like the Silverstone Rocket, and reproduction items like the ‘Beetles’ inspired Hofner Icon Bass, brings additional excitement to the journey.

Experts are readily available at zZounds to clarify questions and offer their experiential opinion. This option is available for everyone conducting transactions during their normal hours of operation. Tapping into this resource can be easily accomplished by phoning into their customer care department. zZounds understand the power of being able to speak with a real person when it comes to needing immediate attention.

While their staff works in shifts the online store is ready for business 24/7 and armed with detailed product descriptions to assist consumers with conducting their transaction. The methods of payment are credit cards, Western Union, personal check, and a no interest payment plan option for approved applicants.

zZounds’ dedicated professionals have beautifully orchestrated relationships with some of the most prestigious engineers in the business. Their ongoing efforts permit them to match supply and demand with quality products, attractive price points and other unique opportunities. Their authoritative deliverability practices position them as a preferred choice for newly gratified and revisiting buyers.

zZounds is an authorized US reseller for every brand they carry:

zZounds: What makes it different?

What makes zZounds so desirable?

zZounds stabilizes the front line of its establishment with qualified professionals within the industry of instruments. Their expert help is based on both their educational and experiential knowledge. The beauty of this is it permits the customer to acquire straight forward answers to their questions, gain in depth product assessments and maximize the value of their buying power. There are no commission based schedules being chased within their infrastructure - the staff is driven by the success of helping consumers achieve their individual objectives.

zZounds has a multi layered customer promissory program that addresses everything from lowest price guarantee and payment structures that support a variety of circumstances. For example, they offer Western Union as a payment option which opens up an additional opportunity for those that fall within this particular market. They also have a very attractive four month interest free payment arrangement program for approved applicants. It’s a resource for those that are not likely to benefit from costly interest rates accrued over a longer period of time.

Time constraints are no longer an issue for those that make the transition over to online shopping with zZounds. For the most part consumers visit storefronts to obtain a tangible experience of the item of interest. zZounds caters to this need by utilizing software that permits each buyer to capture the experience they want with zoom capabilities. It works by simply taking your mouse and hovering over the object to gain an in depth experience of how well the product is made (try it here). This option creates the flexibility consumers need for shopping within time frames that meet the demands of their busied lives.

zZounds vs. primary competitors (sites similar to zZounds)

How does zZounds measure up against its competition?

Musicians Friends and Guitar Center are the two major competitors for zZounds. While they all have a particular market they successfully serve here are a few of the points that separate them from one another:


  • zZounds offers a four month interest free payment option for qualified applicants.
  • Musicians Friend offers low interest rate financing over a duration that is appropriate for the price point of the merchandise.
  • Guitar Center is by far the most favorable with a twelve month interest free program for approved applicants in addition to Paypal.

Instructional Videos:

  • zZounds offers instructional videos and books for every musical category they sell.
  • Musicians Friend offers not only offers instructional videos they also have interviews available on their site of high profile musicians like Carlos Santana and Eric Singer from KISS.
  • Guitar Center offer instructional learning videos like beginner Harmonica and so forth.


  • zZounds does not offer coupons but have a Blow Out Sales Page with reduced high quality merchandise during select seasons.
  • Musicians Friend offers coupon savings and free designated brand bucks that are immediately noticeable on their home page.
  • Guitar Center has an enormous amount of coupons that catches the eye as soon as you land on their site.

There are clearly some aspects of the ways in which zZounds provide services that could be reworked to help them stand leaps and bounds above its competitors. Their financing options are a solid resource for those who want low pricing and financing obligations that won't linger for an unfavorable amount of time. However, having an additional option for longer pay arrangements with superior low to no interest rates is becoming a popularized option.

Another added incentive offered by the competitors is the used and or refurbished instruments section where the savings are substantially higher (than most coupon offers). With the rising universal calling to give new life to products that can be recycled back into good use zZounds might want to consider catering to this niche market.

zZounds: Pricing & packages

zZounds Pricing & Packages:

For this section let's consider the Ludwig Junior Oufit Drum Set for this example. It's offered brand new out of the box for $299.99 with Guitar Center, $298.30 at Musicians Friend and $279.50 with zZounds. The price points here clearly indicate that zZounds is in keeping with their promise to provide the absolute best and lowest price point. However, if a consumer happens to be a part of the recycling community they can have a refurbished one at Musicians Friend starting at around $126.00.

While it's not uncommon for the buyer to want a new item they can break in themselves the fair pricing measures offered by zZounds permits the option with additional flexibilities. For a mere $69.87 over a four month period (interest free) there is no question why new can't become the reality the buyer is envisioing for him/herself. zZounds has a catch phrase throughout their site that matches up very well with their efforts of ensuring their patrons get what they want and need, 'Get it and start playing prices'!

zZounds: Product images & screenshots
zZounds Coupons
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zZounds: Customer reviews & comments

What Customers are saying about zZounds

The overall consensus for consumers that have aligned with the products and services offered by zZounds is highly satisfied. The numbers are impressive and can be view at bizrate where over 50,000 consumers stand in agreement. The chronicles of their experience are uplifting and very telling for those looking for a concrete reason to explore the possibilities for themselves.

For customer ratings and detailed chronicles of why they rated zZounds so highly take a few moments and review the details outlined within bizrate. It provides a cohesive approach for those that appreciate the power of utilizing consumer report services to help them manage the establishments they choose to patronize. It's also a very educational resource for specific product performance feedback to help determine the best ways to invest your funds within the industry of musical instruments.

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